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Imagine driving near Temecula up into the hills of the beautiful sweeping landscapes of an area known as De Luz (The Light). Around a corner, and down leading to a rustic dirt road, you turn off into a grove flanked by groves of Olive trees. As you walk down a manicured pathway down a hill, you hear the sound of a hawk hovering above you. Clearly this land has been loved in a way that honors the rhythms of Nature herself. The path has led you into a clearing where you see a large Yurt, an organic garden, and beautiful inviting cabins all powered by solar panels. Life is teeming and thriving here…below your feet, in the trees, and in the sky. Dragonflies, hawks, rabbits, and chickens play and welcome you. The people here are warm and inviting. They really seem to be at peace here and resonate of the land outside. On the hill in the background, it looks like there are some people camping in well groomed and cared for areas, while others stay in the smaller cabins and domes along the tree line.

In talking with the staff, you discover that some stay for an extended time and some visit only for the day…but all come to touch the beauty and spirit of this luscious natural environment. All are replenished from where they come from and take it back to those places inside of them. Merely thinking about this place, this retreat, this Healing Spirit Sanctuary brings a smile and light deep inside. This is what it is for me…for you…and anyone that arrives here.

Perhaps you have experienced that longing or ache for a sense of completion, a way to feel at home in your own body or life, or a desperate desire for connection or peace. Perhaps a person or a place, cradled the ashes of your pain, answered your call for change, or formed the stage for your personal revolution. Perhaps unconditional love, Nature’s peace, and true safety held you as you grew out of your own skin and into a more peaceful, brilliant or blissful incarnation of Self. If you have found someone or some place to answer your call or create the container for change… answer this call to create and sustain a container for many, including yourself, to benefit, grow, restore, and transform.

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Healing Spirit Sanctuary
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The time has come for us to RISE UP and come together in creating a sacred space for community, healing, learning, and illumination. We are calling in ANGELS to raise funds for the acquisition of land to build our center and fund our transformational healing programs. If you are reading this, you have the opportunity to serve as an angel.

With funds from generous donors like you, Healing Spirit Sanctuary will purchase 10+ acres of land to develop into a wellness recovery retreat, and healing center located in California. This facility will be used for group retreats, personal time-in retreats, teambuilding retreats, facilitators’ training retreats, and other offerings.  Our goal is to raise between $300,000 to $1.5 million to acquire the land and build the first structures on property. Later, another $3.5 million will be needed to set up the initial programs and cover operating costs for the first 2 years.

The center will be able to accommodate up to fifty people in the dormitories, cabins, and camping zones with a gathering space for group engagement or self-guided retreat sessions.

How You Can Help Support Us

  • Donate Money: As a nonprofit, your tax-deductible donations are important. For those with capital gains considerations a donation of stocks or property can be a double win for us all. See all options for monetary donations above.

  • Donate Expertise: We need realtors, contractors, land code experts, chefs, sustainable farmers, teachers, fundraisers, grant writers, and cheerleaders. Contact us if you want to contribute or know someone who does.

  • Donate Time: Please contact us and tell us how many hours per week remote or onsite you can offer.

  • Purchase Tickets: Please see our list of events and circles from whom to pre-purchase tickets to be used in the future or as a gift to others.

  • Like/Follow Us: On our social media such as Facebook and invite others to do so.

  • Helps Us Reach Out: To other communities at large that can support us in any of the above ways by spreading the word of who we are and what we do.

For many, the wellness and retreat center will be a place for solace and recuperation in times of distress and helplessness. This wellness and retreat facility will provide reliable and sustainable home for healing, ever available for all.

We are hopeful and idealistic, but we are also proactive and persistent. Thank you for receiving us. Do you have ideas and insights that will help us? We hope so! It is a big project and an important one for the center. It will demand much of us. We are ready for this. The planning, research, and testing is done. After much prayer and counsel we feel it is time to put our shoulders to the wheel and move forward.

For more about us, please click <<here>>. For a list of our programs, please click <<here>>.